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FSPCA Lead Instructor Certifying PCQI’s (Human Food, Animal Food and FSVP)

As a FSPCA Lead Instructor, we offer Preventative Controls Qualified Individual training to you and your associates. This training is authorized through the FSPCA PCQI training program. We are flexible in that we offer class room settings away from the office for individuals to attend for 2.5 days or we will come to your facility to Certify several PCQI’s at your location. Both settings provide the same training based on the FSPCA guidance, however being at your location affords the opportunity to bring focus to your distinct needs.

HACCP Certified Managers Training:

This program is designed for those individuals that need to have a Certified HACCP Manager and backup on site. This program is Approved by the International HACCP Alliance and will meet the requirements of GFSI and 3rd Party Audits.  Upon completion a Certificate will be issued. This program has been designed to link the new FSMA requirements for Risk Based Preventative Controls for Human Foods with HACCP.

There are multiple exercises that will tie the two together and provide hands on development of your HACCP plan. This is a fast pace, interactive program that will teach you the skills needed to bring your current plan up to date or write your plan. We are flexible in that we offer class room settings away from the office for individuals to attend for 2 days or we will come to your facility to provide the training at your location. The advantage of doing it at your location is we can focus the exercises directly to your facility, virtually writing your plan along with the Certification program. This program is suited for all; plant managers, operations personnel, operators, food safety team and QA/QC personnel.

Writing HACCP plans:

We will work with your facility HACCP team to assist in developing your HACCP plan. We will begin by rendering a GAP analysis of your current process to identify any missing programs or processes. A complete and thorough Hazard Analysis using a Qualitative/Quantitative method to assign point values to each Risk. This methodology allows greater learning by the HACCP team in what Risks they need to mitigate. Should high value Risks be noted, they will then have steps applied to control those Risks. Upon completion of these steps a complete and thorough HACCP plan will be complete. We will then with the HACCP team’s assistance, write all of the rPRP’s or Prerequisite plans needed to support the HACCP plan.

Additionally, as an added benefit we will link together the requirements of FSMA Preventative Controls for Human Food into the HACCP plan.

Should you be preparing for a 3rd Party Audit, we can also provide numerous additional documents that will allow you to perform well during your audit. These documents are tailored to your business and will tie in neatly with the HACCP plan and Prerequisites. We are very familiar with the requirements of all the 3rd Party auditing groups.

Writing Food Safety Plans for Human Food, Animal Food and FSVP (as PCQI):

Using methods very similar to the writing of the HACCP plans, we will assist your Food Safety Team in developing your Food Safety Plan. Acting as PCQI, Preventative Controls Qualified Individual, we will assist you in writing the Food Safety Plan based on the guidelines of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Should you have a current HACCP plan, we will work with you to modify it to meet the current law.

Other Programs available:

Preparing for SQF Certification: rendering a thorough GAP Analysis. Preparing all required documents.

Hygienic Zoning; working with your facility to establish proper zoning. (now required for RTE)  Particularly valuable to RTE facility that will need Environmental Monitoring.

Specialty auditing:

GFSI Small Supplier Audit